Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi my super duper lovely dovey readers. I miss blogging. Ok, so what to write what to write?!?!! I’m super bored. Holidays is such a bore. Holiday - gain fats. Don’t you think like that. I do. Let me tell you how to gain more fat. Sleep eat online sleep eat online. Go hang out? No money to go out. No transport also. Great life. And I’d applied for a job at Baskin Robbins with my mum and sissy. After that, my dad found out & he said no no. Wonderful life.  Look at me, I am such a happy kid. Yayy! (How sarcastic am I?)

Yes I admit. These past few days I felt very sad and down for something I don’t know. I don’t think nobody gives a damn about me. So I guess, no one understands me at all. You may not see it from the outside. But how about the fragile inside? Only Allah knows what the best for His creatures like me. And no, I don’t say that my friends doesn’t try their best to help me. They do help me, a lot. But my unclear problems doesn’t let you people to help me. But no worries, I don’t want to put a blame on anyone. This is my life. I suppose to solve it by myself. 

I read Farina’s blog. She might not be moving next year. So, it’s a good new, people. Party at my house naww!! No I kidding. I’m glad to hear that, sassy. I don’t want you to leave me in du alone. Who the hell is going to sit beside me during agama class? Toby? Please no. Whatever it is, don’t leave du because I love you like a love song, farina.

I love surprises. I love presents. I love hugs. I love my friends. I love wishes. I love my family. I love foods. I love spending time with the loved ones. I wish all these on my birthday date next year. I swear, I can’t contain myself with the excitement. I can’t even ask more. This is so perfect to me if it comes true. 

I have no idea why so sudden I dreamt about him these past few days. I really want to forget about him but well I don’t think it’s the perfect timing yet. I wish I could erase our bittersweet memories. But I am not ready. I just can not. And I don’t want to waste my time on you anymore. I am still looking for someone who worth my time. Oh Allah, please give me your strength and guides.

'I don't want to waste my precious time on you'

PMR PMR PMR PMR results. No no no no I am not ready to take my results yet. I’m scared. What if I didn’t get straight A’s? I want to make my parents proud of myself. But what if I’m letting them down? I will regret about this in my whole life.