Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello readers,

How’s  life? It has been awhile since my last post right. Ok, I was so super busy with my PMR preparation. Alhamdullilah PMR is over and I’m satisfied with my papers excluding agama and history. I feel like turn back the time so I could do it once again, I want to fix whatever I’ve done towards my papers. Oh god. I want miracles, please. So welcome to my sad life story.

I feel so empty, lifeless, loving someone who will not love me back, unwanted, useless and etc. Fuck yes, I am falling in love with some new guy. Mhm, I realised I’m such a jerk to someone. But what can I do? This is what we called love, love is blind, selfish and pain. He’s being nice to me these days. So I could not  get him “chow” from my mind. Anyway, this guy loves other girl. I guess. But she looks so much prettier than I am. More gorgeous, pretty, fashionable, matured, and she’s famous fo’ sho’. Jealous. Dugaan selalu berada di sekeliling pinggangku. You know, the feeling whenever your crush getting closer to you is like heaven. Ahhhh. I wish I could talk to you every single day.  I wish.

On last Monday, I had a barbeque party at Ekhmal’s. It was absolutely awesome because I managed to see my buddies. And heck yes, they are super awesome. I’m so lucky to have them in my whole entire life :)  No regrets just love. Ok, I want to tell you some story mory.  It is about Aziza, my girlfriend and my new buddy from TTDI, Ikram. Oh fck yes they look triple sweet! They aren’t together but they could make a good match. Whenever you read this Aziza / Ikram, I would like to say a few words : Oh stop denying it like you have no feelings towards him or her. Allah knows if you lie to me. *pedo face*

Enough about their love scene. Now back to my life, I was stressed out about my life a few days ago. I am uber lucky to have my bro in my life. So, I shared about my sad life story to my bro, Lutfi. I was chatting with him on facebook chat and I was letting everything out, as usual he cheered me up. And he gave me this song “Disaat Ku Mencintaimu” by Dadali Band. This song currently my second favourite song.  Yes, I love him as a best friend, brother and rempit partner.  I loved share all my secrets to him. I feel comfortable whenever I talk to him. Yes, I admit I can not accept the fact that he is leaving us next year. No more annoying jokes from him, this is so sad. Don’t leave us, please.  So people, stop creating unreal story between him and me. Nothing is going on between us except best friends.

I hate the feelings when ;
     - Your own friends who  backstab behind you.
Yes, this is what I feel right now. I feel like a few of my friends hate, dislike or whatsoever related to hatred me. I can see a friend of mine is trying to backstab behind me. I could see what are you trying to do, woman. I’m watching you out right now. Beware. ( isn’t it sound creepy ) lulz.
-Your crush loves someone else.
Oh god, I hate this feeling to the maximum. It feels like a glass broke into pieces. I don’t know how to describe this feeling but it hurts. I wish I wasn’t a human, because I don’t  want to feel  these feelings. Screw it.
-I have no super powers.
Hah don’t you feel great when you have a super power; like you can read people’s mind or being invisible or even pause the time. *laughs.

Ok, I feel bored staying at home and do nothing. Can you imagine, when you were planning what to do after PMR, you wish you could follow the schedule you made, but it is just an epic fail. I want to go sleep over with my girlfriends or hang out with buddies. Plus, my mum does not let us, go online during weekdays. You, tell me what to do other than watching this big box.  Haihh, I hope you can imagine how sad is my life?

Finally, I will miss spending my time in perfection with my girls and boys. Especially lepak-time after history class. I absolutely will miss Ummi Sofia, Izza Athirah and others. Time flies bloody hell fast, I wish I could turn back time. Oh we still can contact each other through twitter and facebook. We can go hang out or something. We must meet each other soon. Drop me a line, please and thank you.

I will miss 3 Cempaka and Puan Shanti. I am super lucky got into this class. Hell yes, I will miss my super class teacher. I’d still remembered our last convo, it was during the arrangement for exams hall.  We were supposed to cover all the boards with mah-jong papers.  The convo begins;

Me : I feel so angelic.
Teacher: Why?
Me: Look at this class, so 'clean'
Teacher: *laughs* that is so cute.

-End of convo-

Ok, this is too much Anis. You’d better go tweet now.  
Good bye readers. Forever love you for reading my dying blog. 
P/s ; Ok, I have two piercings on my right ear. Whopededododo finally!  K.