Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello my lovely readers,

This week has been great, I guess. Excluding the part which I found out one of my friends was talking bad about me. Uh I’m tired with all this shits. Shits happen in my life. Every second Allah is testing me with a really hard obstacle life. My best- girl shows me her conversation with this girl, and this girl was saying she hates my attitude these days.  And, she says I anti-asrama students. Excuse me, I don’t hate ALL of them. Just some of them who always treat me like a fucking bitch. I’m okay with them if they are okay with me. I mean, c’mon my attitude based on how you treat me. If you being nice to me, I will be nice to you. But if you do hate me, I will do the same thing. Please, I have a fucking life to live. I don’t easily hate people or jeling like you say. And, I don’t ditched Amirah on Puan Hajah Norsham’s retirement day just because I wanted to hang out with Anis Nabilah. Amirah doesn’t want to hang out with Nabilah because she was shy. Plus it was my opportunity to fix my relationship with Anis Nabilah. I meet her a few times this year. So please, I begging you just shut the fuck up if you don’t even know a single thing about this. I thought you are one of my best friends. I don’t say it’s wrong but well, you broke my trustworthy towards you. You backup my enemy than me. You scold me when I tell you the right things. You say things about me which is unreal. You’re talking about me behind my back. I felt very sad when you made a video about me just because you wanted to help this desperate guy. Not once, but twice. What is this?! Is this what we called friends. I tried my best to be a good friend to you, but this is what you do to me. I’m not going to say a word to you from now onwards. It hurts.  I’d rather keep quiet, let them out on my blog. I just want to know; why you hate me that fucking much?