Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exam is comin', fml. i'm not prepared at all. AT ALL :(

What I need to do?  
  • i haven't pass up my sejarah book yet. Since i've tried my best to finish up the notes, but i just couldn't.
  • I need to do my bm presentation. We need to present it on monday but i haven't buy the mahjong papers.
  • I have to read all chapters for sejarah form 1 before monday.
  • I need to finish my homeworks by today. Tomorrow's seminar day.
What i need to get for my first term?
  • At least, 6 A's. Amin :)
Let's talk bout last week.

Monday and tuesday were fine. Wednesday, i went to mamak with hana and fiqa. Then, girl guides' meeting pulak. It was Elyanie's last day of meeting in du :'( why you pindah yanie? y y y y?? :(   Thursday, during agama, sat with farina :) Friday, sat with amirah, farina, syahana and elysa :D haha

i gotta go now. kbye