Friday, February 11, 2011

Hey. how you feeling today? :)
Today, school was totally fine.

 Finally, we finished decorate our class' boards. Our boards look damn gila lawa :D
 ; News board, resolutions board, cempakamusic board and face board.  3 cempaka rocks ♥  And our class teacher, Pn Shanti liked it. I would like to thanked my friends, without you guys. I couldn't finish it :)  

During sc, i talked with hana, adrian tan, esther, arman and mustaqim. It was fun. Hana kept talking about mayonnaise, tomato and cheese. oh my nigga D:
I had agama, as usual sat with farina, amirah, hana and elysa :)
I went back home, took bath and ate lunch.

Tomorrow, 10km hike, fyeaaaaaaaahhh (y) :D


Meet Nabil :)

I miss hanging out with you, Zamir :D