Monday, February 14, 2011

Helloooo, today is monday so HAPPY MONDAY :D
School was fine. During bm, when teacher was explaining about the karangan thingy, i wasn't pay attention at all. Cause i need to finish my tuition homework. I have to pass it up by tonight. fml 

Then, i had math. Teacher asked us to do some activities for chapter 4 but i did my tuition homework again. During recess, i had chicken chop yo! & After recess, i had science. OMG, i was gila hyper. Today,we learnt chapter 4. Reproduction ;) Talked to Win Shean, Hana, Mustaqim, Adrian, Arman, Elysa and Esther. I had sejarah, my favourite subjectttt. Puan shanti came to our class for 15 mins, we camwhored. OMG, MY CLASS IS DAMN AWESOME. WE ARE SO KEWL, OUR CLASS TEACHER ALSO ♥ Skipped seni for a few mins, i cried y'know. I talked with Hana about him :( Sorry for my moody day again people :( I skipped koku today. Reached home and get a enough sleep, zzZz