Monday, March 14, 2011

hiiiii mommasita, i haven't updated my blog fr quite some time, i'm busy... nah so lazy lah. Oh ohh, i forgot to say this;


Woooottt, holidays for a week, baby. But i just gonna spend my holidays at home since my parents' working. I bet you all have heard bout tsunami in japan. We should pray for japan and other countries too :) Math is such a dick. I'll never fall in love with you, math. I'll fail my math, for sure.

I just wanna tell, if you hate me because of my attitude. You need to know something, i was born this way. My attitude based on how you treat me. Kalau depan macam malaikat, belakang macam setan, you'd better get ready. Don't be so hypocrite. Don't talk nonsense bout me, got problem with me? Take a cup of coffee and let's discuss what the fuck is your problem?

I'm so stupid, why am i falling in love with someone who doesn't love me? it's pointless y'know. I've been waiting him for so long, it almost 1 year. I met you for twice this year, but you ignored me.

Everyone is talking bout their twitter. They tweet here and that. But, i'm just a lost kid, who doesn't know how to tweet. great

I can't believe i'm gonna say... i miss school. Maybe, i've got nothing to do at home, so i feel like going to school. Go hang out with friends? No money, my mum wants me to be berdikari. I still collecting money for my future. cheh

 I gotta to sleep now. nites.x