Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey ching chong wing wong, shake your king kong ding dong~

I am finally back to rock and roll my blog, you mofo. So how's life? Is everything alright, I'm pretty sure you're fine. 

Anyway, 2012 has been great, so far so good. Hmph I'm super glad I've got into 4 Cengal with my girlfriends and boyfriends, yayza! Sitting beside this pretty little thing, Aziza. One thing I wanna tell you, being form 4's sucks. I tell you. We learn something ridiculous and I can't take it at all. Everyday I learn ugly numbers which is we called it as add math. And two middle fingers for Physics. Insyaallah I will try my best in first term. But oh-well, I need to buckle up a lot, and catch-up with a few subjects since I didn't get a thing what I've learned in class. I'm serious, I wasn't paying my attention in class heheh we got bad ass here.

Got a post as assistant camp commander for girl guides' 2012. And another post as commander for marching team for sports day. I love Girl Guides for giving me these opportunities and put a trust on me. Insyaallah I won't let you down, seniors.

Planning to celebrate my double bitter sweet sour 16 with my absolutely beautiful little thug, Ainaa! Don't know where and what time, because we still need to discuss. Anyway, I can't wait any longer because my last time I celebrate my birthday when I was 12, huish long time ago y'know y'know.

I think that's all for now, nothing much I can say.

Arigato gozaimasu.