Monday, May 2, 2011

hi pretty peoplez. Oh well, i feel like sharing my life story on 1st May 2011.
It was pretty awesome. Even more awesome than awesome <3
1st May 2010;
I went to PD. The next day, I woke up sho early. Then, took breakfastttttttt! Changed to swimming suit. Then, i wanna try this boat, i don't know what to call em. But, it looks like banana boat but its more awesome. Once the boat moving, i was like

Then, check out around 11:30 am. Got back home around 2:30. My mum decided to buy present for my friends. So we went to kl to buy present. Around 8:30 pm, my family and I went to Subang Parade for Farah's birthday party at Friday's :) It was totally awesomest birthday party ever in whole life.x
I've decided to sleep over at her house. I got back to farah's house around 12 malammmmm. Then, we catched some movies at Sunway, I watched Thor 3D. The movie ends around 2:30 am. I wasn't sleepy, so decided to go online till 5 am. Sleptt, zzzZz.

k bye that's all from me! x