Saturday, June 4, 2011

heyyy bbz. i'm bored and i had nothing to do. Oh well, i've finished my cuti terancang. I'm such a good girl. may God bless me :) i couldn't imagine what would happen to me and hana when school reopens. No more elysa razif. I bet you guys know that; she says hello to canada and goodbye to malaysia. She's leaving us :( Elysa. more teman me during kh. no more share secrets. no more stories bout him. no more everything. everything that we used to do together. I read your letter almost 6 times. It really touches my heart. Anyway's i wish you luck in canada. i love you to bits, love.x

oh my Allah, tomorrow! sunway lagoon with aziza, dang, afiqah, amirah, lutfi and naeem :) kbye.x